About the Book

An Inheritance Incorruptible

A faith-inspired novel of historical fiction based on a family legacy

The inspiration to write this story came on the heels of the passing of my sweet, 102-year-old mother. It occurred to me then something else of great value was on the brink of becoming lost, for she was the last of her generation in our family, and I’m one of the last of mine. Encouraging, captivating stories spanning over a century, timeless building blocks for an uplifting legacy of faith in a God who delivers His people through insufferable trials would fade tragically into obscurity if I fail to share what’s been given in trust. I began this project in part as a tribute to our family name, but while recalling their remarkable stories and praying, my tunnel vision widened. The family name of Christian loomed larger, as the gift of Christ-based encouragement is transferred through these stories. It’s too valuable to be hoarded by a few, for their legacy is an empowering guide of proven truths; a guide that walks confidently out of the past to securely hold our hands in the present and into the future.

An Excerpt from the Book

“Zestos will be a new family store run by a family that wants to contribute to the community. That winning smile of yours would be out in the open for folks to enjoy instead of hidden in the back of a chemical hallway.”

Despite the fact that Vida Mae had worked very hard to establish herself as a chemist, she had to admit that venturing into a family business had appeal. Ted leaned closer to his wife with an intake of breath and a face that promised revelation, like a stage magician about to pull a rabbit from his hat.

“Your daddy, Cay, the man I respect more than anyone on this earth, once told me about the dream of a family farm he and your momma shared when they were young. He told me in heartfelt detail how hard they prayed before the Lord made it happen.”

“Yes, and we were so happy on the farm, owning a piece of God’s green earth,” Vida agreed.

“This dream is much the same. And our time is now,“ Ted assured.

History and faith jump off each page, and it’s clear to see why the title is ‘An Inheritance Incorruptible’. I have often traveled the East Texas Piney Woods area, which he writes about and my wife’s family lived there. Selma Newton’s lifelong strong faith was reinforced by the powerful works of God that she witnessed here, just as did so many within this story. Take my advice, read on and be encouraged!

Cecil J.V. Newton, late of the U.S. Army, 87th Infantry Combat Division, active in the second advance on the Rhineland and Central Europe, 1945